Scratch Workshop Guidelines & Suggested Lesson Plan

Thank you for volunteering to assist with the Scratch Workshop at your school. We are grateful for your assistance, and I know our student participants appreciate this chance to familiarize themselves with the Scratch programming environment so they can get to the fun part of creating their own games and animations!

The link to our suggested lesson plan for your first workshop session is at the bottom of this page.

The primary goals of the Scratch Workshop are

  • to register students with the Scratch server at MIT
  • to help students find and follow the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio
  • to locate and watch the Scratch tutorial
  • to help students create, build, save, edit, and share a project
  • to log out, log in, and ensure students can find and open their projects and create new ones
  • to learn how to read and respond to comments on students’ own projects, and view and comment on other projects
  • to explore other projects, locate help resources, and browse the discussion boards on the Scratch server

Volunteers should also help school staff prepare the computer lab prior to students’ arrival and organize and clean up the computer lab after.

The amount of time each school dedicates to the Scratch Workshop will vary, depending on the number of students interested and the volunteer hours available. We anticipate that volunteers can complete the first five steps of the suggested Scratch lesson plan within one hour, and hope that the schools and volunteers can offer another hour or two over the next few weeks to students who want to practice and create with Scratch with some guidance.

NOTE: Students participating in the Scratch Workshop should have already registered online here. Students age 12 and under must use a parent’s email address to log in at the Scratch server. If school staff and volunteers work with their student participants and parents to make sure they are registered before the first workshop, we can work with school staff and volunteers to make sure a list of parents’ email addresses (if needed) is available.

If your school staff and volunteers have set a time for and recruited participants to an on-site Scratch Workshop, great! Let us know how it goes! Have lots of fun, and we look forward to seeing your Scratch projects in the studio.

Suggested Lesson Plan for the First Scratch Workshop