Suggested Lesson Plan for Your Scratch Workshop

Goal #6
Learn how to read and respond to comments on students’ own projects, and view and comment on other projects.

This is the sixth page of the suggested lesson plan for your first Scratch Workshop. Links to the other pages in this suggested lesson plan are at the bottom of this one.

Scratch is a collaborative environment that is structured to make it easy for users to help each other. On your My Stuff page you see not only a list of projects you have completed but also data and statistics about each of these products. The icon in the left column, last row is the Comments icon, and it tells you how many comments you have received on a particular Scratch project. Click on the project name to view the comments.

20 Find Comments

The comments appear below the project play window. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see them. Click “Reply” to respond directly to a comment someone has made.

21 Reply to Comments

When you click “Reply,” a text field opens up. Enter your response (500 characters or less) and click “Post” to finish. Your reply will appear below the original comment.

It is possible to disable comments (check the “Turn off commenting” box) but then you miss out on the collaborative benefits of the Scratch environment and the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio sharing experience. We do not recommend disabling comments.

22 Post Reply

If you want to learn more about a commenter, click on their user name to go to their user page.

23 Look Up User

You will see what projects they are working on, what they have shared, and what studios they contribute to. You can also read information they’ve written about themselves. If you like this user’s work and want to Follow them, click “Follow” in the upper right corner. You will get updates about the people you follow so you can keep up on all the new things they do. You can unfollow users at any time.

24 User Page

Click on a project you would like to watch. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to leave a comment and click “Post” when you are done.

25 Comment on Someone Else

If you are inspired or want to learn more about someone’s project, click the “See inside” button at the upper right corner. You can examine their code blocks (just like they can examine yours).

26 See Inside Someone Else's

If you are ready to return to your My Stuff page, click on the My Stuff icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

If you are inspired by someone’s project and want to build on it as a project of your own, click the “Remix” button in the upper right corner of the screen. The project will be saved as a remix to your account. You can modify it as your imagination dictates! One thing you must not forget to do, however, is credit the original Scratcher who made the project. You will be prompted to give credit and explain your reasons for remixing this project.

28 Remix

Click the My Stuff icon in the upper right corner of the screen to return to your project lists.

Goal #1: Register students with the Scratch server at MIT.
Goal #2: Help students find and follow the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio.
Goal #3: Locate and watch the Scratch tutorial.
Goal #4: Help students create, build, save, edit, and share a project.
Goal #5: Log out, log in, and ensure students can find and open their projects and create new ones.

Goal #7: Explore other projects, locate help resources, and browse the discussion boards on the Scratch server.