Suggested Lesson Plan for Your Scratch Workshop

Goal #5
Log out, log in, and ensure students can find and open their projects and create new ones.

This is the fifth page of the suggested lesson plan for your first Scratch Workshop. Links to the other pages in this suggested lesson plan are at the bottom of this one.

Log out of the Scratch server by clicking on the arrow next to your user name, and selecting “Sign out.”

15 Sign Out

Go to the Scratch server at” and click “Sign in” to sign in to your account.

16 Sign In

When you log in to your Scratch account, you’ll see activity updates from other Scratchers that you follow. You can access your own Scratch activity by clicking the My Stuff icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

17 Your Scratch Activity

On the My Stuff page you have a list of your Scratch projects that you can sort in various ways. You can also filter them by “Shared” and “Unshared,” and find discarded projects in the Trash. You will also see a list of studios that you curate (which you have either set up yourself or have been asked to help manage). The Henry Cluster Scratch Studio will not be on your list. You will have to locate it with the search function (as in Goal #2) and click through to it from there. You may want to bookmark that page for ease of reference in the future.

One of the requirements of the Scratch Workshop and Competition is for students to share a project to the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio. Click on the “Add to” button to get a list of studios the project can be shared to. Because the student has already found and followed the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio, the studio appears on this drop-down list. Hover over the studio name to highlight it, and then click to share your project to the studio. When you visit the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio, you will see the projects included there.

19 Add to Studio

To begin a new project from this page, click “+ New Project” at the top of the screen on the right. To delete an unshared project, click “Delete” to the right of to the project title in the project list. To delete a shared project, you must first unshare it.

Goal #1: Register students with the Scratch server at MIT.
Goal #2: Help students find and follow the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio.
Goal #3: Locate and watch the Scratch tutorial.
Goal #4: Help students create, build, save, edit, and share a project.

Goal #6: Learn how to read and respond to comments on students’ own projects, and view and comment on other projects.

Goal #7: Explore other projects, locate help resources, and browse the discussion boards on the Scratch server.