Suggested Lesson Plan for Your Scratch Workshop

Goal #3
Locate and watch the Scratch tutorial.

This is the third page of the suggested lesson plan for your first Scratch Workshop. Links to the other pages in this suggested lesson plan are at the bottom of this one.

Return to the main screen ( by clicking on the orange and white “Scratch” logo in the upper left corner of your screen. You will see the a “Welcome to Scratch!” box in the upper left. Inside the box are three options. To view the tutorial, click “Learn how to make a project in Scratch.”

09 Find Tutorial

Take a minute to look around at the project page. The open space at the left is where you test and see your project as you are building it. The open gray space on the right is where you drag the blocks of code as you create. The “sprites”–the characters you animate for your project–are below the project test/view space. The list of Scratch programming blocks (“scripts”) is in the middle of the page, organized in ten categories (color-coded). The tabs to modify your sprites (“costumes”, “sounds,”) are visible next to the “scripts” tag.

The tutorial appears at the far right of the screen. Click “BEGIN” to watch it. It will lead you through a short Scratch animation–and encourage you to build along–to teach you how to use the scripts and costumes to make a sprite move and speak/make a sound, and how to create, save, edit, and share files. (The thirteen steps of the tutorial are listed beneath the video window.

10 Scratch Tutorial

Goal #1: Register students with the Scratch server at MIT.
Goal #2: Help students find and follow the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio.

Goal #4: Help students create, build, save, edit, and share a project.

Goal #5: Log out, log in, and ensure students can find and open their projects and create new ones.
Goal #6: Learn how to read and respond to comments on students’ own projects, and view and comment on other projects.
Goal #7: Explore other projects, locate help resources, and browse the discussion boards on the Scratch server.