Suggested Lesson Plan for Your First Scratch Workshop

The following instructions could be used as a lesson plan for your first Scratch Workshop session. They walk you through the steps of creating an account, using the tutorials to begin a project, and exploring other resources available to participants on the MIT Scratch servers. It will take you through the steps needed to reach the seven goals of the Scratch Workshop described on the previous page.

Goal #1
Register students with the Scratch server at MIT.

This is the first page of the suggested lesson plan for your first Scratch workshop. Links to the other pages of this suggested lesson plan are at the bottom of this one.

Go to the MIT Scratch server at Click on the “Join Scratch” option in the upper right corner of the screen.

01 Join Scratch

Select a Username and password, confirm your password, and click “Next.”

02 Choose a Username

Enter your birth month and year, select a gender, and–if participants are age 12 or younger–enter a parent or guardian’s email address. (If participants are 13 years old or older, they may use their own email address.) Click “Next” to continue.

03 Questions

You have successfully created a user account and joined the Scratch server! From this screen you can click “respectful and friendly” to read (and discuss) the community guidelines (Scratch Workshop participants will have already read and agreed to the community guidelines when they registered), click “Learn how to make a project” for a Scratch tutorial, click “Choose a starter project” for ideas about what to make with Scratch, and “Connect with a Scratcher” to visit the Scratch Welcoming Committee. Or, click “OK Lets Go!” to go to the main screen.

04 Thanks for Joining Scratch

In the main screen, notice the user tools in the upper right corner of the page. Here is where you will see alerts for new messages, can quickly access your Scratch projects, and can update your account information and log out.

05 Main Screen

Goal #2: Help students find and follow the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio.

Goal #3: Locate and watch the Scratch tutorial.
Goal #4: Help students create, build, save, edit, and share a project.
Goal #5: Log out, log in, and ensure students can find and open their projects and create new ones.
Goal #6: Learn how to read and respond to comments on students’ own projects, and view and comment on other projects.
Goal #7: Explore other projects, locate help resources, and browse the discussion boards on the Scratch server.