Congratulations to our Scratch Competition winners!
For Artistry: “The Apollo Space Adventure”
For Innovation: “Touch the Tiny Yellow Dot”
For Creativity: “Save Me!”
For Fun: “Pokemon Chase”

All Henry Cluster Scratch Workshop projects, including the winning entries, can be found at the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio. Go play!

The Henry Cluster Scratch Studio is open for business!

We invite all K-12 students of the Patrick Henry Cluster to give computer game design a try! This fall, from October 1 through December 15, 2014, we’re hosting computer programming workshops within the Scratch server (developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab) and then running a contest for the best creations. It is free, it is fun, and it is for everyone (student or not!).

What are the Foundation’s goals for this project?

The Henry Cluster STEMM Foundation’s goals for this event are

  • to teach students how to use technology to achieve a goal
  • to provide students with technology encouragement and experience through programming

About the Scratch Workshop and Competition

Objective: Students will work individually or in teams to create a project on the Scratch server. This project can be a video game, a music video, an animated story, or whatever inspiration dictates.

The Workshop: During the month of October, students will work with Scratch mentors (parents, teachers, or other volunteers) on classroom or school lab computers to establish Scratch accounts, join the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio, and familiarize themselves with the Scratch program mechanics. They will also share their projects with the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio and explore and comment on other shared projects there. Our Scratch Workshop is a collaborative process.

The Competition: During the month of November, students will work at home or at school to design and fine-tune their projects, select one to enter into the competition, and complete the submission form.

To be eligible to win a prize:

1) Participants must show a character (a “sprite”) move and speak or make a sound. If the project does not meet both requirements, it will not be considered for an award.

2) Participants must make at least one helpful comment on another participant’s work. If they do not provide this feedback to someone else, they will not be considered for an award.

The Awards: The deadline to submit projects is Monday, December 8, 2014. Winners will be announced December 15, 2014 in the following categories: Creativity, Innovation, Artistry, Fun, and WOW! There will be individual and team awards in each category, and grade level divisions (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12).

Useful Links

Henry Cluster Scratch Studio
Getting Started with Scratch
Scratch Community Guidelines
Detailed Workshop Guidelines
Suggested Scratch Lesson Plan

Scratch Workshop and Competition Deadlines

October 1: Scratch Workshop and Competition Launch!
October 1-31: Cluster schools host Scratch Workshops.
November 7: Students have at least one Scratch project shared to the Henry Cluster Scratch Studio and have begun exploring and commenting on others’ work.
December 8: Deadline to submit Scratch project and application to the Scratch competition.
December 15: Winners announced.