Past Events

Whether we reach out to students directly or enhance their STEMM education by supporting their teachers with professional development and resources, our end goals are the same: Improve the quality and quantity of STEMM instruction in the classroom and provide opportunities for students to expand on their STEMM skills extracurricularly. The list below includes the types of programs we hope to soon offer to the students and teachers within the Patrick Henry High School neighborhoods.

  • Software training
  • Team engineering projects
  • Classroom lesson plans and manipulatives
  • Tuition for teacher training
  • Guest speakers
  • Tours of STEMM businesses
  • Community STEMM mentors
  • Elementary and secondary student partnerships

As we grow as a Foundation and improve our ability to provide very specific support to the schools in our Cluster, we will expand this list to include descriptions of projects and events and solicit input from the Cluster community about what they would really like help with.

We look for volunteers to mentor, plan, donate, or sponsor our events (or work with the Foundation in other ways) year-round. Please contact us at for more information.